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Translations from either Spanish or Catalan exclusively into English.

Being based in Catalonia and having lived here for over 20 years means that the translation will not be an "academic" or "literal" translation, but one based on knowledge of the living, everyday language of the country, in this case Spain and Catalonia, resulting in an authentic English translation.


I can provide you with:

  • SPANISH to ENGLISH translations
  • CATALAN to ENGLISH translations

Accurate, efficient and inexpensive translations of almost any kind into English. I can provide you with a service translating short or long documents into English. I have worked in many different spheres, translating texts in -

          • publicity
          • economic matters
          • legal matters
          • tourism
          • marketing
          • art
          • culture
          • history
          • architecture
          • mechanics
          • business communication
          • new technology
          • medicine

Being a small enterprise means you are dealing directly with an individual and not with a big corporation. In most cases, any queries about a translation will be discussed with the translator directly.

Other services: Although I devote the main part of my time doing what I enjoy doing, translating into English, I can also provide you with translations of other combinations of languages, chiefly French, German, English and Italian into Spanish or Catalan, and vice versa, since I work with a team of qualified translators where the synergy of the different abilities results in a highly professional final piece of work.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

Steve Cedar
Cedar Traducciones, S.L.

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